Individual Coaching


You are pure awesome! There’s only one you in this world. Just you. How amazing is that? You’re the only one… no carbon copy… no duplicate. Just you. Individuality and uniqueness are what makes you special. That’s what I call “your pure awesomeness!”

Your pure awesomeness is deep within you. I believe that it’s been encoded in your cells since day one. You’re probably asking yourself “…if it’s always been inside me, why don’t I feel awesome?”

The answer is FEAR. Just like our pure awesomeness, fear has been around for decades and generations. You’ve probably felt fear more than once in your life. It probably held you back from learning how to swim because you’re afraid of drowning. But if you think about it, you possess the ability to learn how to swim. Fear is like a thick fog… It hides and blankets your infinite possibilities.

Your journey is limitless. Need career advise? Preparing for the job interview? Need help discovering your hidden talent or skills? Wonder why you can’t seem to break a bad habit that’s affecting your friendship or relationships?

As your coach, we’ll explore your infinite potential:

  • Establish what you want to explore
  • Identify the fears that are holding you back
  • Share successful techniques so you can overcome your fears
  • Discover your true essence
  • Feel and connect with your sense of aliveness and know that it is infinite
  • Live in the life you want for yourself

You get to decide your starting point… Are you ready to explore?

Coaching sessions can be done in person, FaceTime or Skype. All coaching session appointments must be paid prior to your appointment.

Facetime/Skype: Monday through Friday: 9 am to 6 pm

In Person: Wednesday: 9 am to 6 pm

To schedule your first session, please email me at or schedule here: