The Importance Of Having An 11!

I’ve been driving my Jeep Wrangler these past three days… Some of my friends thought I was crazy driving it around in over 100 degrees temperature. I really didn’t care what they thought because this past Tuesday, I woke up feeling like I needed to do something different. You see, I’m all about routines. I wake up every morning before 6 pm (5:54 am to be exact), thank God for giving me another day, look to my left and see my significant other, get up and walk over to my pooch and give him some attention and love.  I walk over to the kitchen to give the pooch his food, prepare coffee for my hunny and I, let the pooch in the backyard after inhaling his food to let him do his business, look at my vegetable bed to see how my tomatoes are doing then walk back inside the house to get ready for work.  This has been my routine for the past 2 years that I lived in my house.

This past Tuesday, I felt the need to break the routine and change things a bit. The weatherman announced record breaking temperatures as well as Brush Fire Alert throughout LA County and SD County. As I sip on my coffee and while getting ready for work, I decided to put the top down of my Jeep Wrangler (I purchased last November as an early Christmas gift). Not sure why but I just had this “thing.”  I pictured myself cruising down Willow Avenue on my way to work while listening to my favorite Hawaiian radio station… I dunno about you but it visually looked pretty darn cool (plus, I’m enjoying my new haircut).

So, I bid my pooch goodbye (for now) and headed to work early knowing that I have an uber busy day full of meetings and client follow ups.

These past few months have been such a busy ride. From Affordable Care Act enrollment deadlines, to client construction projects, the death of my last living grandmother who I adore deeply… I had to remind myself that I needed a break. That maybe, just maybe, taking the Jeep Wrangler (who I named Roadie) out for a spin is what I needed.  These past few days of cruising down the streets, listening to my favorite Hawaiian jams reminded me of how life is important… how our well-being is important… our mind and soul needs a break once in a while.  As a result, I booked over $20,000 in new accounts (in one day!), thought of amazing creative marketing ideas for one of my companies programs, and had a very nice mentoring session with one of my associates.  On top of that, I’m also assisting one of my colleagues with a new marketing campaign he’s eager to get started.

I call this moment, My 11!  Not a 10 but an 11! An 11 because it felt AWESOME! One of my mentors, Michael Jans, taught me what an 11 is all about. How having an 11 moment can really change the way you do things. It helps you recharge, refocus, and possibly even REINVENT yourself in the most creative way.

So I challenge you to find your 11 and share it with the world… HECK, SHARE IT WITH ME! Our culture/society gets in between and we forget about honoring ourselves.

Have an awesome Friday and hope you find your 11 like I did!




Reasons to be THANKful 2013

It’s been a while since I posted something. I’ve been going through some changes in my life these past few months… Good changes (insert smile here). Not sure if the changes are from me getting older but lately, I’ve been reevaluating my life, tuning out some “outside noise” and really focus on what’s important.

One thing I’ve learned about myself is Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday. Yes, more thank Christmas, Halloween, Easter… The older I get, the more I reflect on what I’m really grateful for.  My amazing career, my awesome family (I’m sure you see my mom’s comments of Facebook), supportive friends, and overall, everything that I have in my life and home.

2013 is definitely a very momentous year. I proposed to life partner/soul-mate, starting to set roots at my new home, and work continues to be very rewarding.  This year, my company, HMBD Insurance, decided to do something amazing for Thanksgiving. My team and I had a very challenging goal… Help feed 100 needy families.  This hits home for me.  You see, I never really experienced a true Thanksgiving meal with my family. We went to our relatives for the holidays but my mom, brother and I never really had our very own Thanksgiving holiday. I didn’t know how to prepare the turkey, fixings, etc. until one night, it finally happened… It was magical…

Because of my past experience, I know what it’s like not having the means to have a Thanksgiving dinner.  We really didn’t have much growing up. I was raised by a single mom who did everything she could for my brother and I. She provided us the important necessities that we needed in life… something that I’ll always be thankful for.  So this year, I told myself, it’s going to be the BEST THANKSGIVING EVER!

Two years ago, my company collected 25 frozen turkeys for the women’s shelter. This year, we’ve partnered up with Food Finders and Long Beach Basket Brigade. We’ve collected donations from our friends and clients to help assist these organizations. I’m happy to report to you that we’ve collected enough monetary donations to purchase at least 75 turkeys, collected 18 additional turkeys, and 7 box full of dinner fixin’s! The most we’ve ever done!

This year’s accomplishment reminded me why we’re here on this earth… I believe that we’re all here to make a difference on each other’s lives.

  • I am thankful for my mom and dad who me how to love
  • I’m thankful for my brother who taught me how to share
  • I’m thankful for my friends who taught me compassion
  • I’m thankful for my amazing life partner for teaching me trust and support
  • I’m thankful for my dog, Fred, for teaching me unconditional love
  • I’m thankful for my office family for teaching me TEAMWORK!
  • I’m thankful for my clients for continuing to support my crazy ideas
  • I’m thankful for this world for teaching me my life’s purpose.

May your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with warmth, love, and FAMILY MEMORIES!

Compromising Protection For Savings Is Never A Good Idea

I wanted to take the time and really invest on this post because of a scary event that happened to one of ex-clients. She called me yesterday because she wants to leave her current agent (the one that she left me for) two years ago. She sounded very upset at her current agent because of what he’s done. Let me give you a brief history of our relationship…

I’ve known “Grace” for over 8 years now and used to insure her auto and home insurance 6 years. Exactly 2 years ago (2011), she called me crying to deliver bad news. I asked her why she was crying. She told me that she found another insurance agent that is saving her $363.00 a year on her auto ($193 savings) and home ($170 savings) insurance combined. She said that she met this agent at a mixer and seemed like a nice fella, new to the business, and offered to check what he can do for her.  Let’s just say that he works for the insurance company that currently has a professional athlete featured in their commercial.  I told “Grace” that I was sad that she was leaving me but I understand that the economy has hurt her a lot and she needs to save money because of her hours being cut at work.  For the past 2 years, Grace and I remained good friends and often meet for lunch or I would visit her at the restaurant where she works.

So back to what happened yesterday… Grace was upset at her current agent because she was involved in an accident. She accidentally rear-ended the car in front of her and caused a multi-vehicle collision. 3 cars were involved not including hers.  Long story short, she was upset at her current agent because she didn’t realize that he offered her much less insurance coverage than what I originally insured her at. Plus, her deductible for her car is twice as much more than what she had when I insured her. Her claims adjuster informed her that she would have to pay approximately $4,000 out of her own pocket for damages to the other cars because it exceeds the amount of coverage that they’re willing to pay and $1,000 (deductible) for her car.  On top of that, they are unable to provide her a rental car because she did not have that coverage at all. She was furious. I told her unfortunately, I’m unable to intervene because I’m not her agent but I would be more than happy to provide her guidance since she is a friend. Oh, she also realized that her home insurance deductible is also 10 times more than what she had with me. OUCH! Her current agent does not return her calls as much and she said that it seemed like he didn’t know what to say or how this even happened.

It seems like with today’s economy and the consumers being bombarded by commercials about saving money but not realizing that there may be a situation where one might have to sacrifice their protection.  In Grace’s situation, she is now dealing with having to pay over $5,000 out of her own pocket and compromised $16 a month for more protection. Tough pill to swallow.

Historical figures prove that during a struggling economy, claims increase… that people are more likely to file lawsuits.  If you can save money without having to sacrifice your protection (heck, if you can get more protection) go for it! Don’t ever compromise your peace of mind.  Before you switch, make sure you do your homework and see if:

1. the insurance company you’re switching to is reputable.

2. your insurance agent is knowledgeable, experienced and have a team of professionals and is knowledgeable just as he/she is.

3. ASK QUESTIONS!!! Ask your agent “What If…” questions!!!

Thanks for reading!

Glenn Agoncillo is one of the principals (Vice President) at HMBD Insurance. He’s received several insurance and professional award recognition and is a public speaker at insurance conventions. With over 17 years of insurance knowledge and experience, Glenn Agoncillo continues to be an advocate for consumers.

Refer A Peep Spring 2013

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